Haekka Remote Python Dev/Growth Marketing

My startup, Haekka (https://haekka.com) functions similarly [to Gumroad]. We don’t deal with office politics and b*******. We only have two FTEs (founders) and 3 contractors. We’re 100% remote and have no plans on not being remote. My previous company that I sold was remote for 7 years. I don’t believe in building software in an office.

We’re very transparent about our financial and business goals. My only scheduled meeting is a weekly dev sync that I do think is very helpful, but we don’t do daily standups or daily calls. All comms are done through Slack, GitHub PR comments and Linear comments.

I will likely be hiring a contract python (or full stack) dev in Q1 as well as a growth marketing position. Feel free to email me ryan@haekka.com


Haekka operates as a remote business. We believe great employees can live and work anywhere. We also know sustainable jobs in small towns can be hard to find but are essential to maintaining healthy communities. Haekka puts a focus on hiring employees that live or want to relocate to the rocky mountain region, in mountain and rural towns that offer great work-life balance.

We strive to provide autonomy to our employees. As a result, we expect all employees to understand the Haekka mission and operating principles to make decisions about their work.