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This site was inspired by Sahil Lavingia, who wrote about how Gumroad works:

And, of course, these are remote-first positions.

Are you looking for work?

This is a great way of working if you want more freedom to build your own business, travel, or just do your own thing without being tied to schedules and unnecessary demands on your time.

Is it for you?

Maybe and maybe not. A job like this requires:

You might not have deadlines, but you still need to meet expectations and create your own schedule. In the US, you’ll pay a little more in taxes and you’ll be responsible for your own healthcare and retirement.

Are you looking to hire?

This is a simple way to hire people that won’t break the bank or complicate your life. You get flexible hiring and a happy team.

Is it for you?

Maybe and maybe not. Hiring like this requires:

Sound good?

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